Don’t date a guy who climbs

I seriously hate uninspired dates. Nah, spending an hour over a burnt cup of java is not my idea of fun. So you can attempt to have a whispered conversation with me during a movie? Lately, I find myself ghosting guys who pitch monotonous dates my way. Think about it, to suggest coffee, you must be really confident that you have one hell of a personality, to maintain a steady hour of on-going conversation with your date. Who needs that kind of pressure, especially on a first date?

The Rules For Dating A Dirtbag

I had a crippling fear of heights and overcame it. If I can over come it anyone can. Boulders are like feet with no ropes and huge soft landing pads. I am not talking about what you did.

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To them, a nice meal involves concocting a unique mix of whatever treasures were scored during the last dumpster diving excursion to Kroger. You really gotta shove a hand in the crack. One of these YouTube videos might help. Two weeks without a shower? Pretty standard. Greasy hair, dirty clothes, and that unmistakable climber musk are all points of pride.

Learn to love it. Dating a climber means getting used to the fact that most of your nights together will be spent without freshly-washed sheets stretched across an expensive Sealy posturepedic. Similar to migratory birds, your life might start to move south for the winter. Sending temps are not something to scoff at. The wrong conditions might just be the one thing keeping your climber from sending their project.

So, remember to check the forecast before planning any surprises, and get used to living on the road.

Dating a climber…

But is rock climbing really a good first date? Well, not only am I a rock climber, but I actually went rock climbing on a first date once…. I draw this tip from my personal experience, because I found out the hard way what the downside can be of rope assisted climbing as a first date. The implication of this is that only one of you is allowed to climb up.

May 27, – Weekend getaways spent lounging in fancy hotels? Not gonna happen.

Posted by Amber McDaniel Journal. A month ago, in October of , the deaths of Hayden Kennedy and Inge Perkins stopped the climbing community in its tracks. Not because they were unaccustomed to loss of friends and partners an occurrence in fact all too common to those in the inner circle , but because they were unaccustomed to the inability to get over that loss. Unheard of. Shortly before ending his life, Kennedy wrote in a blog post on Evening Sends ,.

Friends and climbing partners are fleeting, too. Climbing is either a beautiful gift or a curse.

Dating Climbers Sucks

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Guys who climb will forever be obsessed with rocks. No matter how hard they try, you will always feel second best. Chances are that for your birthday, for example,​.

I also recommend that you choose your next date wisely:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. I also recommend that you choose your next date wisely: Here are ten reasons why, as a climber, you should highly consider dating another lover of rocks.

For most climbers, scaling rocks quickly takes priority over all other free-time activities. Climbers are attractive. Do you like holding hands?

What to do if You’re Going Bouldering for a Date

There is significant disagreement amongst those in the climbing world regarding whether you should date your climbing partner or if conversely, you should climb with your significant other. But no matter where you land in this great debate, most of us can agree that many of the qualities that make a great personal relationship also make a great climbing relationship. They love you at your best and at your worst.

Maybe you just successfully topped out on some epic, overhung mammoth.

It’s a Personality Tester. So you think your date’s hot, but what kind of person are they and will they suit your personality? Bouldering is a great way to see.

So, is bouldering a good activity for a date? Bouldering is a great activity to find out the personality traits of a person because it shows how they react to challenges. Are they a confident climber, or will they approach the wall with caution? What they do after they fail at sending a route will also show you parts of their personality too. Do they give up easily and act childish about their failure, or do they pick themselves up and try again?

Are you fine with your date making jokes about your climbing style or the way you approach failure? This all comes with bouldering. Bouldering is also quite cheap, cheaper than your average dinner date anyway. Did that put you off or not?

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The very first warning signs that your partner is getting into rock climbing can be hard to spot. It may start with an innocent-seeming invitation from a friend at work. This is different. You need to derail this train immediately.

Learn the basics about Climbing in our library of articles and videos. Browse REI’s Expert Advice to How to Choose Rock Climbing Shoes. Reviews​.

A Canadian rock climber you say? Us Canadian climbers get dirty. How can we not be after spending hours outdoors, wrestling mother nature to ascend vertical things. We bushwhack, claw up dirty rock covered in lichen and dirt, grab sappy trees, sit on the ground and jam our hands into places were small critters live. Our clothes are dirty, out hands are dirty and our hair is dirty.

That means when the weather improves and the days get longer we are planning on climbing a lot. Say hi to the family for me. The more calluses and scabs, the happier we are.

Dating A Climber: 10 Things You Need to Know

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Here are ten reasons why, as a climber, you should highly consider dating another lover of rocks. You’d never see a non-climbing significant.

Note the hunched shoulders, over-developed lats and gnarly looking hands with twisted knuckles and desiccated skin. No surprise, really. Can you? As if any climber dudes are a fraction as hot as you are. In Boulder, the average climber dude has a condo and a Ph. One fit, local climber girl admitted that her ex-boyfriend was so obsessed that he snuck into her closet. What can I say? Problem is, the girls can get away with it!

See that long line of lonely lurkers right behind you? Can you handle that, Caveman?

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Dating someone with the motivation and determination to reach summits at some of the highest points in the world is an inspirational journey. And even if they are not climbers on the grand scale, the dedication to completing any rock scale is impressive. But beyond just sheerly being inspirational humans, there are more incredible qualities of climbers that makes them especially worth dating. They’re in touch with nature. If you appreciate nature, or hope to spend more time outside, dating a climber is just what the doctor ordered.

They are constantly climbing some of Mother Nature’s epic cliffs, mountains, rocks, etc.

Oh, he’ll spend big, alright—on climbing gear—leaving little to spend on anything else if he’s as genuinely passionate as most serious climbers.

As you probably know, athletes were always very popular among single women. Considering their social status and their beautiful bodies, this is perfectly understandable. These days, women love men who practice dangerous sports, like rock climbing, for example. Ladies find guys from the climber dating scene appealing because they are strong, brave, and adventurous. However, dating these fellas is not always so easy and simple.

Trust us; he will appreciate this.

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